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The Leprecons

We kick off the night with our featured artist/group at 6:00PM. This month's featured group is the Leprecons. Gather 'round ye lads and lasses! Set ye for a while and listen to some Irish drinking tunes played by three Yanks from Grand Rapids, MI.

The Leprecons are a wee little band that seriously has fun or funnily is serious about playing traditional Irish music. Their trademark is having a rousingly good time with the audience who are encouraged to sing along as best they can and with all their might. Singing the correct words is also encourage but not strictly enforced since they are, after all, Irish, Scottish, and English folk songs.

The group consists of Kirk Griffes (lead and harmony vocals, mandolin, bass, guitar); Derek Detman (percussions , bodhrán, guitar, bass, background vocals); and J.D. Gonzales (lead vocals, guitar, bass, recorder).

They play for weddings, anniversaries, wakes, concerts, in hospitals, state prisons, and any and all Irish pubs, fairs and festivals that are brave enough to let them in the doors. 

Check out their website:


Check out their singing:


The featured group will be followed by our open mic starting at 6:45PM and then our all musicians jam session begins at 8:00PM. Musicians, please be sure to bring your instruments to join in the fun.

What we do along with when and where we meet

Come join fellow folk music lovers (bluegrass, country, blues, oldies) for a monthly gathering of fellowship and music.  We meet on the first Saturday of every month starting at 6 p.m. at the Vibrant Grains Bakery and Restaurant located in downtown Wayland.

Big thanks to Vibrant Grains for opening up their restaurant and allowing us a great venue to meet and play music.  They have available for purchase a full menu of delicious food items so come hungry for a snack or a full dinner.

Vibrant Grains Bakery and Restaurant located at 142 S. Main Street, Wayland, MI 49348  Be sure to check out their facebook page.

The gather begins at 6 p.m. the evening begins with a mini-concert by a guest artist/group.  

This is followed by an open mic time where anyone can sign up to play 1-3 songs or ten minutes.  The evening concludes with a jam session for any and all musicians so bring your instruments.

Please check out the calendar to see the schedule for each month's line-up.

Email me with any questions and if you or someone you know is interested in filling the featured guest artist some month. 

Visit us on Folk Jam, a website dedicated to showing you where you can find musical jams.

Click on this link to check us out. 

Past Shows at the Rabbit River Folk Gathering:

Sure appreciate these fine musical acts sharing their passion and talent

Nov. 5th come out to hear The Thornapple Valley Strings

The Thornapple Valley Strings are 4 talented musicians who have played together for about 4 years.  Band members include Ken Moore from Middleville, lead singer and rhythm guitar, Judy Moore on the stand up bass, Bob Burghdoff from Hastings on fiddle, Orville Harrington from Hastings on dobro, mandolin, fiddle.   They play a variety of music, bluegrass, country, folk, gospel, and instrumentals. They play for fun and the love of music.

August 6th Folk Gathering featuring "Sentimental Journey"


      Sentimental Journey was started in December of 2002 when Denny and Michelle were asked to perform for a Christmas party for the Caledonia School bus drivers.  Although they had known each other for a few years they had never sang together before that night.  With the thought of maybe singing a couple times a month when they first started they now perform around 100 times a year.  In the spring of 2013 a new member was added to the group, Paul Carmichael.  Paul an ordained minister and can play any keyboard instrument.  Paul was born in Africa to a missionary family and came to live in the USA when he was 17 years old.   His addition has brought a whole new dimension to the versatility and sound of the music. 

You can go to their webpage.  Check it out here.

Please click one of the following links to be led to Sentimental Journey’s YouTube account where you may view videos of Sentimental Journey.

YouTube Account:


God on the Mountain:


The Luke Lenhart Band on May 7th


The Luke Lenhart Band specializes in playing Beatles classics as well as solo gems from the Fab Four in an all-acoustic bluegrass style. They take special care to keep to the original note-for-note feel and spirit of the songs while adding their own personal touch. Luke Lenhart is featured on guitar and vocals, Beverly Lenhart on doghouse bass and vocals, Angela Gigler on fiddle, doghouse bass and vocals, and John Brown on mandolin and vocals.

The band has made appearances on local television shows such as 8 West of Grand Rapids, Hometown Pickin’ of Kalamazoo, and Fox 17. They have made various radio appearances on shows such as LCC WLNZ 89.7 Morning Break in Lansing, John Sinkevics’ Local Spins, WGVU 88.5 and Grand Rapids 88.1 WYCE. And they have also played festivals such as the Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids, the West Michigan Bluegrass Association Junegrass and Fallfest festivals, the Fallasburg Fall Festival, Rabbit River Folk Festival and the Coopers Glenn Festival for the Great Lakes Acoustic Music Association (GLAMA).




Pryer Times on April 2nd

The Pryer sisters, Mary Pryer and Faith Pryer, bring their own unique style to gospel, bluegrass, country, and contemporary Christian music. Originally from California they moved across the country to Michigan where they were introduced to bluegrass/gospel and the fun of getting together with others and performing music. 

Here is a link to a sample of their music: Rock of Ages                             


The Tanis Sisters performing March 5th

The Tanis Sisters are a group of three sisters that play bluegrass gospel music and have marvelous harmony.  The Tanis Sisters consists of Bethany, playing mandolin, Olivia, playing guitar, and Christin, playing the bass and banjo.  As to how they got started, “As sisters, we've known each other since, well, forever. We've always enjoyed messing around musically, and in 2011 I picked up the mandolin and we played our first bluegrass-gospel-y gig.   Although we've sang together in the past, it wasn't until that fall oin2011 that we discovered this style of music as our own and put together a bluegrass gospel music set.  Friends and family that showed interest in our music continue to encourage us on to discovering more songs and more music.”





February 6th Folk Gathering featuring: 

Bound together by a passion to perform bluegrass gospel, this group delivers crowd pleasing standards and singalongs blended with nice harmonies and blistering instrumental licks.  

January 2nd Folk Gathering featuring "Rick Triplett"

Rick likes a good tune; a song that tells a story.  Old time mountain music or a little Piedmont Blues, picked with a little Western North Carolina influence and a twist of Doc Watson. 


December 5th: Folk Gathering featuring "Punch Drunk"

Punch Drunk is a ukulele band full of energy.  They play songs that you probably have never heard plaid on ukulele. songs from the 1820's jazz to modern pop.
Members are John French, Sara Wagner and Chuck Deyo.
They have plaid at many venues and festivals all over Michigan. 
You will enjoy the energy they bring with them. 


Nov. 7th: Folk Gathering with                                                                                             Terry Lee and the Cat Skinners 
As always the music starts at 6 p.m. at the Vibrant Grains Restaurant.  Following our special mini-concert from 6 to 6:45 we have open mic for all those wanting to share music on stage until 8 p.m. Then we have an hour long jam session until 9 p.m.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Now a little something about our guest artists for the evening:

 Terry Lee and the Cat Skinners” playing in the tradition of 3 Chords and the Truth, bringing you traditional country, bluegrass and Americana; songs that tell a story of the rural American. We work to keep alive the best of these songs that tell a story about life, love, heartbreak and triumph, as best told by Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, John Prine, Billy Joe Shaver, David Allen Coe... If you want to get that old honky-tonk feel, come out and give us a listen.

Aug 1st Music Gathering w/ The Cheater B's Band

As always the music starts at 6 p.m. at the Vibrant Grains Restaurant.  Following our special mini-concert from 6 to 6:45 we have open mic for all those wanting to share music on stage until 8 p.m. then we have an hour long jam session until 9 p.m.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Now a little something about our guest artists for the evening: The Cheater B's Band

A west Michigan quartet, The Cheater B’s, plays an energetic brand of acoustic Americana with influences ranging from bluegrass standards to 60's pop. Home based in Dorr, MI the band has been honing their sound at open mic nights throughout the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

The Cheater B’s are anchored by the husband/wife team of Meg and Tom Vandenbosch. Meg sings, plays guitar, percussion and struts the boots. Tom plays the standup bass and acoustic/electric bass as well as engaging in technical mischief.

Multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Krum, is a veteran of the Muskegon underground scene which included a stint playing bass for the thrashcore offenders J2K2. Kevin sings, plays guitar, harmonica, banjo, penny whistle and brings an edge to the group.

Dave Simmonds is the former president of the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association as well as a founding member of the popular, Easy Idle Band. He is very active in the local bluegrass music scene. Dave plays the mandolin, guitar, sings and provides fatherly direction.

The Cheater B’s are able to share their lively music at parties, festivals, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, retirement homes, bowling alleys, or fire pits....pretty much anywhere. Hope to see you soon!

For booking information, please contact: 

West Shore-Kevin at [email protected] or (231) 578-9664

All Other-Dave at [email protected] or (616) 897-6220


June 6th Music Gathering w/ Carl Rust

Carl Rust was born in Kentucky and grew up in northwest Ohio. He has been a newspaperman, a factory worker, a teacher, a chef, a bottle washer, a dog walker, a professional wrestler, and an author, singer, songwriter, filmmaker. He has been writing and performing music for 25 years. He published a novel for young readers in 2013 and also a short travel book. He currently lives in Indiana with his wife Robin, a dog and a cat. He loves his job as an assistant principal at an elementary school and plays music as often as he can. He has released 12 albums of original music. His latest with his nephew Brian (The Rust Show) is "Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall!" released in February 2015.

Check out his music at www.carlrust.com and www.therustshow.com 


April 4th Gathering w/ Easy idle String Band
 Easy Idle String band is a group of musicians from Lowell, Michigan who have teamed up to make lively, bluegrass music.  Together they play time-honored bluegrass songs in a a style all their own. They are sure to get your foot tapping!!!
"Bluegrass and gospel music is what we share in our love of music and friends."
Members: Dave Simmonds, Ron Bailey, David Reed, Lisa Reed, Tess Reagan and Banjo-Jim Foerch 
And check out their music on soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/david-reed-50 

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